Shoulder Rehabilitation

Motion Activated Stimulation: a new paradigm in electro-stimulation

The Neuralign System S (formerly Shoulder Pacemaker™) EMS is an innovative wearable electro stimulator created for patients suffering from unbalanced muscle activation in the shoulder.
 Neuralign System S allows patients to dynamically interact with the device during active rehab.

Smart stimulation

Dynamic interaction between the patient and the device

App supported

Keep track of the progress of treatment with MySPM app

Rehab protocols

A specific set of exercises developed by experts

Two operating modes

Two operating modes to customize the therapeutic approach

What makes the Neuralign System S device different from other types of electro-stimulator devices?

The Neuralign System S (formerly Shoulder Pacemaker™) system is able to dynamically interact with the patient during active rehab. Discover how in this short video!

Treatment of different pathologies

The Neuralign System S (formerly Shoulder Pacemaker™) device is the right choice to improve muscle recruitment patterns in patients suffering from various shoulder pathologies.

Posterior Shoulder Instability Treatment

Posterior shoulder instability

Scapular Dyskinesis Treatment

Scapular dyskinesis

RTSA treatment Protocol

Prehab/Rehab for RTSA

Rotator cuff tear rehab

Shoulder Pacemaker™ device

Weightlifting athletes

Delta Prehab/Rehab

Overhead athletes

Throwing Athletes treatment

Throwing athletes

The Neuralign System S (formerly Shoulder Pacemaker™) platform is used for rehabilitation purposes and evokes muscle contraction by means of conductive electrodes positioned on the body area of interest. It can be used to stimulate the periscapular musculature that is no longer properly recruited in patients suffering from various shoulder pathologies. This is achieved by combining state of the art sensing technology with electrical stimulation.
Electrostimulation is guided by movement and the device adapts to the patient’s pace.

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