An overall rebranding iniziative:

NCS America is now Alyve Medical, Inc. and Shoulder Pacemaker turns into Neuralign System S

As founder of NCS America, I am proud to share this important evolution: the creation of Alyve Medical.
This name change reflects our positioning and the growth potential for our technologies. Together, we intend to disrupt and enhance the standard of musculoskeletal care

Matteo Mantovani, CEO of NCS Lab s.r.l. and co-founder of NCS America in response to the new name.

NCS America, Inc. was the initial U.S. organization created for the business operations and commercialization of the two products developed at NCS Lab srl in Carpi, Italy.
Alyve Medical will continue to be the business entity for global operations and commercialization.

Alyve Medical

Alyve Medical, Inc. appoints new CEO: Yvonne Bokelman emphasizes the “Y”, for you, focused on the individualized treatment that its products provide.

Alyve Medical Inc. is a novel medical technology company focused on reimagining the management of musculoskeletal care.
The two innovative and novel platforms (Shoulder Pacemaker™ and ShowMotion™) developed by NCS Lab Srl (Carpi, Italy) and released for sale to the EU, USA and many International Markets, will be the main focus of the new entity to aid worldwide clinicians in diagnosing, treating and preventing musculoskeletal injuries.
These non-invasive technologies, deployed in physician offices and physical therapy clinics today are being used to observe normal and abnormal joint function in orthopedic treatments, physical therapy delivery, and athletic performance.
Multiple studies are in progress validating and confirming this transformation in the way human movements are evaluated, measured and rehabilitated.

Alyve Medical, Inc. appoints new CEO: Yvonne Bokelman

After being NCS Company Chief Operating Officier through the past four months, Yvonne Bokelman has been appointed new CEO of Alyve Medical.

“I am honored by this opportunity,” said Ms. Bokelman. “The talent and passion of the team combined with the innovative products that they have developed create a unique go-to-market environment in which to excel.

To lead a company that has novel, first-in-class products that can change the paradigm of care and positively impact patients’ lives and athletes’ training and recovery is incredibly energizing. This period in the company’s evolution presents an unparalleled opportunity for our current and future stakeholders as well as the team.”

Prior to joining NCS and Alyve Medical, Ms. Bokelman held the position of President and General Manager of Restorative Therapies, Market Access and Clinical Affairs at Zimmer Biomet.
In her over ten years at Zimmer Biomet, she held a number of increasingly responsible leadership and executive roles

With the overall company rebranding, the Shoulder Pacemaker™ name will change and both Shoulder Pacemaker™ and Showmotion™ will be transitioning to new graphics and logos.




To align with the company’s direction and to meet market demands, Shoulder Pacemaker™ and Showmotion™ will be transitioning their “look” in the coming weeks and months.
Join us in celebrating a new name for Shoulder Pacemaker™ as it becomes Neuralign System™ S.
A new brand, with the same product quality and customer care known to date, but with a new look to the future.

 All customers who are now in possession of Shoulder Pacemaker™ and Showmotion™ will continue to be followed by our growing team, with the same care and attention to detail that distinguished NCS.

Our customer care department is available to support you for technical and commercial needs.

To learn more about Alyve Medical we invite you to visit the website and follow our social channels to stay updated on new developments.


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