The App

An easy wizard for your Neuralign System S (formerly Shoulder Pacemaker™) to guide your progress


The Neuralign System S (formerly Shoulder Pacemaker™) App, is an easy and effective wizard that encourages patients to progressively increase the level of difficulty throughout the rehab process.

Start from a basic level of difficulty and progress to a more engaging session to reach the full potential of rehab!

The App provides specific instructions for each exercise, the number of required repetitions, and the proper electrode positioning that the patient should follow during their rehabilitation using the device.

It contains multiple therapeutic protocols designed for different shoulder pathologies.
In addition, the app allows for exercise programs to be customized or manually adjusted by a healthcare professional.

In support of telemedicine, clinicians are able to remotely monitor a patient’s progress with their tablet or laptop to create an efficient link to their patient’s rehab process.

While Neuralign System S (formerly Shoulder Pacemaker™) is in use, the app counts the number of repetitions for each exercise in a program, tracks the patient’s progress and provides real-time visualization of the exercise for the patient and the therapist to follow.


Log-in, connect the device and start the rehab protocol: intuitive, easy and effective.

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