Controls are designed to be easy and intuitive.

The device is simply managed by rotating a wheel and pressing a button. The status of the device (on, off, pacing, charging) is indicated by the yellow LED located in the middle.
Managing the menu and regulating the intensity of stimulation is accomplished by turning the wheel and setting the band of red LEDs to the desired stimulation program.
It is so simple because the knowledge is inside the device and there is no need to set many parameters. Once turned on, the device is already ready for the treatment of your shoulder and it is even easier with the dedicated MySPM app.


Conventional operating mode 

Stimulation intensity is increased/decreased manually by the operator or by means of pre-set time cycles.
Each training mode consists of different durations of the activation and relaxation phase.

Automatic operating mode 

The Automatic mode implements an algorithm for activating/ deactivating stimulation intensity according to the patient’s arm position during an active motor task. This training allows the implementation of specific rehabilitation protocols with automatic stimulation that adapt to the patient’s pace.

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